Feb 3, 2010

Have you tried Hemp products yet? Did you know it is one of the most sustainable products on the earth?

This week Ethikl caught up with Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products and as always we are left to ask if Hemp can provide all these diverse products. Why aren't we using it more???? There is no rational answer to this question. The benefits of Hemp have been tested and proven throughout time.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm Michelle, a mad mobile mentoring and marketing mouthpiece, manoeuvring amongst many mothers and maidens mentioning the magnificence of modern cloth nappying and much more. A mum to 2 (a teen and a tween) this passion has allowed me to be a work-at-home-mum. I love what I do, and making and selling nappies and other natural products to mums for bubs is more than about the products. I was a Registered Nurse for a long time- (Eeek- sounding very old) so love the interaction with people.

How long have you been creating your products?
I've been making and selling nappies and other things for 4 years now and our products and service have a great reputation thanks to all the gorgeous mums who have supported us along the way- word of mouth is our main advertising tool and customer satisfaction is my highest priority.

Describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.
We have the most natural nappying system around and specialise in Night Nappies (the Sandman), Organic Newborn nappying, Butt Couture, with our gorgeous prints, Booby Pads and everything in between using the natural fibres of Hemp, Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Organic Wool. I actually can't sew but I can cut, pin and snap, and have a team of family and friends around me who do the hard bits. We have a great time in our family sweatshop lol- I pay my husband in fringe benefits to do the odd bit of overlocking when he isn’t doing “real” work).

Describe how your product is ethical, natural, organic or fairtrade?
Our products always provide employment for those around me. "Local economy" is at the heart of what I do. My supply chain is made up of many small work-at-home mums so when you buy one of products, you are supporting at least 4 Aussie families. The fabrics we use are of the highest quality and where possible of the lowest environmental impact and in turn, best for babies and mums.

I also support the Industrial Hemp Industry (we formed a not-for-profit Association here in Queensland so we retail some family-friendly hemp products. I was drawn to the benefits of natural fibres because of my own allergies and as a Registered Nurse for a long time, I have always been concerned about chemical usage and also the negative impact of disposable nappies.

What I do is a passion and a lifestyle and wouldn't change any of it "for the world"

Check out Michelle’s Hemp Store on Ethikl

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