Aug 24, 2010

Inspirational Artisan Stories - For Lucy

Ethikl had the pleasure in visiting Gillian at Capalaba Markets near Brisbane and chatting to about her artisan range of gorgeous handmade and natural skincare For Lucy. We were absolutely delighted to discover the wonderful story behind her down-to-earth range of products.

Gillian has been a wildlife carer for 12 years and as a wildlife carer, she often gets tiny, pink, hairless babies to care for, we were absolutely flabbergasted when she produced a tiny pink little bundle who had been nestled inside her shirt to keep warm while she worked at the markets selling her products

Gillian told us how it all started with a tiny swamp wallaby named Lucy who she received as a tiny furless joey. Her eyes were not yet open, and she weighed about 200g. During the course of her rehabilitation, she developed a severe skin problem, and not wanting to use the commercial creams so full of preservatives and mineral and petroleum oils, Gillian did some research and began to make her own.

“After lots of trials, mistakes and disasters, I have found a passion for creating gorgeous moisturisers from fresh plant oils, and soaps also from plant oils. From that starting point, it has grown. I still care for wild babies, and still care for their skin using the balms and creams I make.” Gillian told us while we huddled around her and watched the tiny little bundle she held in hands for us to see.

While we chatted to Gillian we also had the opportunity to sample her uncomplicated yet heavenly range. Her Heavy Duty handcrafted cream is rich and gentle, based on olive oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil and her delicious smelling Coco2 Cream is to die for with a delicious blend of coconut and rice bran oils. Gillian also has a large range of handmade soaps that smell beautiful and are incredibly well priced for such generous sizes.

We were greatly impressed with the For Lucy products and her inspirational story behind them. For Lucy is a simple, affordable, handcrafted range of products that has been lovingly made with the best local produce that Gillian can find and to know that her products are so natural that they can be used on such tiny fragile little creatures really means you can really trust them.

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