Nov 17, 2010

Green Christmas Challenge

Christmas is almost upon us again. It’s the time of year when we do things to excess and sometimes end of year celebrations can end up feeling like they are just about mass consumption. I am hoping that everyone has a jolly green Christmas this year, but for me that doesn’t mean a plastic green Christmas tree and oodles of tinsel decorating your home – it means organic, sustainable, recycled, eco-friendly and all those other lovely earth-conscious words.

I’ve had enough of overcrowded shopping centres and I don’t want to celebrate another Christmas that has ‘Made in China’ stamped all over it. This year, I want beautiful handmade gifts and eco-friendly tree decorations. So I’ve set myself the challenge of having a green Christmas, and I want to get as many other people as possible doing the same and sharing their ideas and discoveries with each other.

Do you have any fabulous eco wrapping paper ideas? Have you made a gorgeous upcycled tree decoration? Perhaps you have created something festive from your op shop find? I am inviting everyone to participate, by linking your own green Christmas related items back to this blog. If you have anything green to share, please attach your link below using McLinky and join me in my Green Christmas Challenge.


  1. Paper wrapping - the last couple years we've gone to Ikea and bought a big roll of *recycled* drawing paper that can be used for the kids easels.

    I cut that in big pieces and the kid have fun stamping/drawing/painting on it with art paints/crayons that can be also recycled with the paper.

    We use this to wrap the gifts.

  2. use old shirts/pants with beautiful patterns as wrapping fabric, and make sure the receiver of your gift reuses it.

    Also, use old, washed shoelaces as ties, and yarn and spare fabric to make awesome, creative decorative bows :)

  3. Cloth for eco wrapping--towels, table cloths, table napkins! These are colourful, reusable and varied in size. I have a couple of sets of table napkins which I use regularly--they are so easy to throw in the laundry along with a table cloth or towels.
    Also, make a green name book for gift, see November December issue at --p.38.
    Have fun!

  4. I've found that our house is completely overtaken by my daughter's preschool drawings and paintings, so I use them as wrapping paper for gifts for family and friends. Not only does it de-clutter my home, but my daughter loves the idea that she's contributed to the gift, and family members (especially grandparents) love the keepsake!

  5. I reuse giftwrap from presents people have sent me and I also wrap gift sized reused boxes in gift wrap. I also reuse ribbone etc.

  6. 100% post consumer recycled paper with recycled ribbon or brown paper bag with a handmade gift tag... Old doillies and recycled fabric with twine' several years ago it was the kids pre-school drawings, if the drawings were not the gift themselves'