Dec 4, 2009

What are Tags?

Tags (keywords and meta tags) are words sellers attach to their items in the item listing process. When searching for the perfect handmade, organic or natural item on Ethikl, a shopper will browse Categories or use Search to find their items. Since tags are keywords for Searching, and they are also used to organise items in Categories and Subcategories, it's important to understand how to tag your items correctly and effectively so that buyers can find them!

The step-by-step guide below will give you ideas for good tags to help buyers find your item and help it get featured. If you are having a hard time thinking of tags, look in your title and description for keywords.

Tagging ideas

Who is it for?
You may pick as many correct ones as you want. Eg. women, men, baby, children, boy, girl, adult, pets, dog, cat.

What is the main material?
Add the major material to your tags, if it is something you think a buyer might search for to find your item. Add minor materials or component materials Eg. leather, cotton, canvas, felt, metal, 14K gold, sterling silver, glass. If there are two words to describe a material, use them both, as separate tags. Eg. cotton, canvas. metal, 14K gold. mahogany, wood. merino, wool.

What is the main colour?
Buyers are not likely to look for minor colours in your piece, so stick to the main colour(s) or important colour combos! Eg. white, black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

What method or technique did you use to make it?
Only relevant for some items. Hammered (for metal jewellery), burned (for woodworking), appliqu├ęd, embroidered.

Where will the item be used?
kitchen, hair, office, beach, garden, car, nursery.

What size is it?
small, extra large, 7mm, 18in, 8x10.

What style is it?
goth, victorian, hippie, punk, impressionist, post-modern, feminine, sophisticated, southwestern, sweet, spicy, salty.

Imagery or motifs that are on the item.
Dog, landscape, nature, Elvis .

Don't put multiple words in one tag box, unless they are a phrase.
Do tag with "sterling silver". Don't tag with "silver earrings", these should be two different tags.

So there is a little help with understanding tags. So now you can go nut and list a while heap of amazing artisan items!

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