Jan 13, 2010

Ethikl Introduces Artisan Profiles

Buying handmade goods at a craft show or market is a unique shopping experience that appeals to many people. Research groups routinely comment on the joy they find in connecting with an artist, a real person, at the point of sale. Transferring that connection to a virtual environment has always been a challenge, but this week Ethikl introduced a feature to bring that "virtual" connection a step closer to reality.

The new "Meet the Maker" artisan profile provides you, as a seller, the opportunity to introduce yourself to a customer. Rather than being just another seller in a marketplace, your artisan profile gives you a chance to put your personal story and image behind every product you sell. Clicking the artisan profile tab shows your customers your story, your inspiration and you can even link to your website or your blog in the 'find me online' link . The new profile gives you a chance to take that real life connection that handmade buyers enjoy in real life and transfer that into a virtual environment.

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