Jan 26, 2010

Ethikl Launches!

Australia’s newest ecommerce marketplace has launched and we can hardly contain our excitement! www.ethikl.com.au is an online marketplace where you can buy artisan products directly from producers, growers and makers. Think of it as Ebay with a green focus.

Shoppers can purchase fair trade coffee, funky handmade bags made from recycled materials, handcrafted jewellery, organic clothing, gourmet food and animal-friendly, natural beauty products on the site.

The Ethikl marketplace enables shoppers to purchase socially responsible products with confidence. Shopping the Ethikl way is an alternative to buying mass-produced, anonymous goods at retail giants. When you buy something from Ethikl, there’s a story behind it. There’s a person behind it. Just like visiting your local markets on the weekend. Ethikl gives shoppers who care about making a difference access to great products that help people and the planet. Socially responsible shopping just got bigger and better.….So head over to www.ethikl.com.au for some feel good shopping!

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