Feb 17, 2010

BLOGGER CONTEST: Blog the Ethikl Marketplace Launch!

Calling all bloggers!The Ethikl Marketplace recently launched with a fabulous collection of organic, handmade and fair trade goodies, and we need your help spreading the word about our ethical bounty!

In order to get the word out about our new site, we’re trying a new experiment and holding a green blogger contest. Consider yourself a trendsetter? Think your blog is influential, and want to prove it by winning your favorite item from the Ethikl Shop?

If so, pick your favourite item from the Ethikl Shop and blog it. The blogger  who sends the most traffic to the Ethikl Shop will win the very item they chose to write about – not to mention bragging rights as most influential blog in the ecosphere. Intrigued?

It’s easy to enter this contest. Just:

1. Go to Ethikl.com.au, and pick your favourite item that you want to blog

2. Blog it

3. Comment on this post below with a link to your story

4. The post that generates the most traffic for the Ethikl Shop will win your item of choice from Ethikl

Contest runs Wednesday 16th – 5th March 2010, and traffic/influence will be judged through Google Analytics.The winner will be announced on Saturday, 6th March. Happy Blogging!


1. Can I write about multiple items?
Yes – each item/link will be judged as a separate submission

2. Can I write multiple posts about the same item?
Sure, as long as you aren’t boring your readers to death!

3. How are you going to objectively measure who drives the most traffic?
We’re going to use Google Analytics to track the traffic levels from each blog.

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