Feb 12, 2010

Meet the makers of the BEST muesli in the World!

I first spotted Maple Museli beacuse of the line at their market stall, nearly every edge of their stall had a prospective customer sampling tiny pots of museli, so of course I got in line and treid all of their delicious museli, and I must say I was impressed! I went back again recently and met with the makers and now I am delighted to announce that their yummy museli is available on ethikl and it is of the prizes in our facebook competition which will be drawn at the end of this month. Here is the interview I had with Joseph and Danielle from Maple Museli:

1.Tell us a bit about yourself?
After many years working in the Hospitality industry, my fiancé Danielle and I were given the opportunity to help my mother, Nicky Meehan, keep up with the phenomenal demand for Maple Muesli. Although this was a big step away from our previous careers, we have always had an interest and passion for great quality foods and were excited about this new challenge.

2. How long have you been creating your products?
Maple Muesli was established in 2003 and has been a favourite product amongst 'market goers' from the Sunshine Coast down to the Gold Coast for a number of years. Our amazing 'Gluten Free Maple Muesli' was developed a few years later by Nicky to cater for the growing demand of gluten free products. We feel we have created 'Almost Definitely the best Gluten Free Muesli in the World!'

3. Describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.
Maple Muesli is hand-made weekly, with love, to ensure our wonderful customers receive the freshest, most delicious muesli possible! It is not uncommon to hear Maple Muesli customers exclaim "this is the BEST muesli in the World!"

4. Describe how your product is ethical, natural, organic or fairtrade?
Maple Muesli is made using only the best quality ingredients, including Premium-Grade Maple syrup imported from Canada!

Maple Muesli is made free from preservatives, additives, and has NO artificial flavours or colours. Maple Muesli is baked at a low temperature, but is still crunchy for those that enjoy their muesli that way. Unlike other mass-produced or roasted muesli's, Maple Muesli has NO added oils or fats added during the baking process, and is as natural as it can possibly be!

5. What is a unique way to enjoy one of your products?
As Maple Muesli is very filling and low GI, only small servings are required. My favourite way to have Maple Muesli is mixed with a delicious natural Greek yoghurt, along with some yummy fresh fruit.

For those of you that enjoy a Bircher Muesli, our fantastic 'Naked Muesli' (raw, natural, soft muesli) can be soaked overnight in Apple juice. This then creates a wonderful soft Bircher Muesli!

6. What first made you want to become an artist/producer?
The thought of being able to provide the public with a beautiful, natural, wholesome muesli was very appealing to us. It is also very satisfying to know that people love a product you have made with your own two hands!
The culture within the Farmers Market 'scene' is also very enjoyable to be around and part of. Working closely with people of similar beliefs, values and interests is fantastic.

7. Any new products or flavours in the works?
We have a number of exciting new ideas in the pipeline for Maple Muesli throughout 2010.... stay tuned for more natural and delicious products!


  1. Yummo...this looks delicious and it is so great to see people so passionate about what they are doing.

  2. I know this product. It is GOOD - Nicky -the Creator - has a great following. How do i know ? Because I keep a small stash of the Naked- Maple and Gluten Free on my stand at the Brisbane CBD market , top of Queens Street Mall, every Wednesday - when you are'nt near a computer of course,((:..oh she is a GOOD friend of mine too ha.