Apr 7, 2010

8 Tips for Ethical Shopping

We all know that being green is important – from the organic or free trade food you buy and where it comes from, to recycling everything from bottles to carrier bags. So how can you improve your green credentials whilst out shopping? Here are 8 simple tips to get you started.

1. Consider local, independent producers. They discourage car use, offer a more personal service and support the local community.

2. Say 'no' to unnecessary shopping bags and take carrier bags with you or a reusable cotton bag.

3. To buy ethically look out for Fairtrade Foundation marked products which guarantee workers have been fairly rewarded for their labour.

4. Look out for 'not tested on animals' labels .

5. Avoid animal products. This can be tough if you are vegan or vegetarian, especially when they crop up in surprising products such as beer and sweets.

6. Buy organic produce. Organic food is free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which benefits the workforce, the consumer and the environment.

7. Go GM free. Genetically manipulated (GM) food is something that many people wish to avoid. Look out for GM-free labels or the Vegetarian Society symbol.

8. Buy recycled and second hand products, they save precious resources and reduce pressure on landfill sites.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tips. It would be good also to see something about ethical shopping on non-consumables, like clothes, household stuff and other everyday things.

    We are becoming more and more thoughtful about food but we still lag a bit when thinking about all the other stuff we buy.