Jun 21, 2010

Road Trip to Nimbin

I don't need much of an excuse to take a road trip....I've been doing it all my life and love it, but now with Ethikl, I have plenty of reasons to pack up the car and hit the highway on a road trip. This weekend we headed down to Uki and Nimbin in Northern NSW on our search for new ethical designers to come and join our growing community.

It was a beautiful drive down, I am still awestruck by the natural landscape that was all around us...

Our first stop was the Nimbin Markets where we discovered some amazing jewellery designers as well of lots of other amazing and colourful people. I had some delicious organic coffee and homemade thai coconut cake...Mmmmm
We stopped in at the Nimbin Environment Centre and had a chat with the inspirational and dedicated volunteer staff there. They told us about all the great work they have been doing since they opened their new head office in the main street
Our next destination where we stuffed ourselves silly was the legendary Sphinx Rock Cafe, an amazing cafe nestled at the base of the mountains with mouth watering organic food, great music and a sandpit for the kids to play and heaps of space for them to run around. Situated at Mt Burrell between Murwillumbah and Kyogle, it’s a great destination to relax and take in the positive energy of the rainbow region.

After we rolled out of there we took the back roads over to Stokers Siding and stopped at Stokers Siding Pottery, where we had a long chat with the Wife of Bob Connery (the world famous potter) about local designers.

A lot of fun things are happening online with Ethikl, but as often as possible we try to take advantage of trips like this to get offline and hang out with all the great people that make our products.

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  1. next time you are down this way, be sure to stop in at 'The Thin Green Line' in Murwillumbah - it is a collective shop full of ethikl, fair trade, organic goodies, including the wonderful 'Synthesis 345' Organic Skin Care Range that you can buy through ethikl. You may find more products for ethikl through this shop and the folks who work there.