Jun 29, 2010

Lots of Shiny New Things!

We're excited to launch a complete site redesign and lots of new features on the ethikl marketplace....come and have a peek and tell us what you think

Improved artisan profiles

Research groups routinely comment on the joy they find in connecting with an artist, a real person, at the point of sale. Transferring that connection to a virtual environment has always been a challenge, but this week Ethikl introduced a feature to bring that "virtual" connection a step closer to reality.

The improved artisan profile provides you, as a seller, the opportunity to introduce yourself to a customer. Rather than being just another seller in a marketplace, your profile gives you a chance to put your personal story, add your logo and location and a photo of yourself and your behind the scenes photo. The artisan profile shows your customers your picture, your story, your inspiration.

At ethikl, we want to create a community so we have also added morespace for you to link to your other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and your personal offsite blogs, and ev your own websites. We want to help you grow your business and increase your online footprint and encourage ethical shopping.

The new profile gives you more space to take that real life connection that buyers enjoy in real life and transfer that into a virtual environment. The improved profile links are found in "store setup". Login to your ethikl store now and start uploading your info!

And finally...

A big, big thanks to everything who has supported us so far. We are really appreciate the feedback we get and want to thank everyone who has shopped or sold or promoted Ethikl up to now. Do visit us today to see the fabulous things on offer. http://www.ethikl.com/

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  1. your website looks fabulous! well done, hope it's all going well for you. mady